Creating a New Space for a New Friend

Over the past two years, CAN has been working to revitalize the Spanish Gardens Condominiums in Fort Worth. With the help of a local foundation, CAN has purchased and rehabilitated 19 units for the purpose of selling them to fist time home-buyers. We are hopeful to purchase and rehabilitate three additional unites by the end of 2016.

Bob has lived there for over 12 years and has not had the income to make any repairs.

During this time, we have built relationships in the community and have come to know nearly everyone in the 94 unit complex. One owner-resident (we’ll call him Bob) is a disabled man on a fixed income. Bob has lived there for over 12 years and has not had the income to make any repairs. We discovered that his refrigerator, gas range, ceiling fans, heating and AC all did not work, windows were broken, leading to sheet rock and stud damage. There were plumbing leaks in his bathroom, and his carpet was mildewed form the leaky windows.


CAN requested and received a grant from Wells Fargo Housing Foundation gave us the ability to leverage resources for Bob so that everything could be repaired. Ideal Floors donate d the flooring and installation. Oliver Dyer Appliances was able to give us an incredible deal on the appliances. The heating and air was replaced by Panther Air and their compassionate staff. Windows by Russ replaced the old windows with low E, double-pane, gas-filled windows and Christ Fellowship Church had several volunteers come to help clean and paint.

Thanks to the generosity of Wells Fargo Housing Foundation, Cornerstone Assistance Network was able to pull a community together to help make a difference in one man’s life and the future of a neighborhood.

Thank You Wells Fargo, Ideal Floors, Oliver Dyer, Panther Air, and Windows by Russ!


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