Warm Fuzzies


Warm Fuzzies: These are collected stories of success in our 3CP and Emergency Services programs of Cornerstone Assistance Network. Our goal is to inspire you with good news. We all need to know that there are real world solutions that are actually making an impact in peoples lives. Please realize the names may have been changed but these are stories of real flesh and blood people who have hopes, dreams, struggles, ups and downs just like we do. Your donations to CAN will make a difference. Thank you!!!

We hope you will be uplifted today:

1: Ronald and his family came to 3CP this month.  They were a challenge to house because there are 10 people in their family.  With great determination, the family has been successful in finding a home that has more than enough room for them.  This opportunity came at just the right time.  The organization helping with their hotel stay was no longer able to pay.  God blessed them at just the right time.

2: Howard is a single father of a disabled son.  His choices have led to many challenges parenting his child effectively during his transition from homelessness to being housed.  Howard is working hard to right his wrongs and get his life back on track for his sake and that of his son’s well-being.

3: Virginia’s daughter was sent to jail and she found herself suddenly caring for her grandchildren full-time.  This sudden change left her in need of support for her increased household.  Cornerstone was able to support Virginia with clothing and other items the children needed.

Thank you again for taking time to read our “Warm Fuzzies”. To learn more please visit Cornerstone Assistance Network web page. As you can see CAN is a place of hope that loves people and meets them right where they are.

Please consider becoming a Network Partner today! Your church or organization could bring hope to a hurting family.

Uniting with others in Christian love to meet the needs of people.





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