Warm Fuzzies


Here are a few more stories of How Cornerstone Assistance Network, through our 3CP and Emergency Services, have helped to Make a Difference in our community:

(All names have been changed to protect the identity of the people we serve)

1: Luis was awarded a housing voucher and has been looking forward to having a home.  The barrier he faces is the $20 application fee that has to be paid in order to apply for the apartment he desires.  Twenty dollars may not seem like a lot, but with no money, it is a roadblock.  Cornerstone (through the support of a Network Partnering Church) is able to help Luis overcome that barrier.  We enjoy partnering to meet the needs of people!

 2: Amelia’ disability has progressed to the point where she can no longer go up and down the stairs to her apartment unit.  Amalea’s apartment complex required her to pay $150 to switch to a unit on the first floor.  We were able to help her with this bill through a Network Partnership so that she will no longer have to struggle to get into her home.

3: One of our clients, Henry, came in for work clothes for a job interview.  We prayed for him to get the job.  Henry called the next business day to say that he got the job! Two of the above stories were made possible by our Church and Corporate Network Partners. If you are interested in becoming a Partner please contact:

Jesse Vasquez: jvasquez@canetwork.org

Becoming a Network Partner information:


Thank you for your continued support of Cornerstone Assistance Network. Please support us in our efforts to meet the needs of the people we serve by visiting our site:


Uniting with others in Christian love to meet the needs of people.





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