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Here are a few more stories of how Cornerstone Assistance Network, through our 3CP and Emergency Services, have helped to Make a Difference in our community:

(All names have been changed to protect the identity of the people we serve)

1: Priscilla and I have been working together for several months.  She has been looking to leave her current home where she has not been treated well.  Last month, Priscilla was able to take several positive steps which will hopefully lead to finding her own home!  I am often amazed at how the Lord will move in even the most difficult of situations.

2: Karen has been reunited with her children after several months.  Upon moving to Fort Worth, her family fell on hard times due to medical issues and late term pregnancy.  Karen lost her job and had to send her children to live with her mother hundreds of miles awayNow that Karen has become stably housed she was able to go and pick up the rest of her family.  She is looking forward to moving forward and reaching her goals.

3: We had the honor of serving a man who had been to Cornerstone for the first time 2-3 years ago.  Michael said he came out of prison with the mindset that he could not be helped or touched with any kind of assistance.  I’m sure the defenses one has to set up to survive in prison can create this mindset.  He said God met him here with the people and programs of Cornerstone.  Michael is a changed man who has a personal relationship with Christ.  He credits the encounter with Christ at Cornerstone as being the life changing event in his life.

Thank you for your continued Backing of Cornerstone Assistance Network. Please support us in our efforts to meet the needs of the people we serve by visiting our site:


Uniting with others in Christian love to meet the needs of people.






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