Warm Fuzzies


Here are a few stories of how WeMake A Difference” every day:

Our clients are in such dire need at times.  Some who have just gotten out of prison have only clothing they have borrowed.  They are amazed at the generosity of the items they get through Emergency Services.


  • I met with a man who just had been released from prison.  He was a member of one of our larger partner churches, but he came to us from a Reentry program.  He quoted scripture and told me he believed that he was reaping what he had sown.  Isn’t that all of us!  He hadn’t eaten in 2-3 days.  He gave the food he had to his sonHe was so thankful for the help we offered.  God is good and this man was such a blessing and living scripture to me.


  • I met with a man this month who had been in prison for 24 years.  It seems like most people who have been in prison for several years feel like they have come back to a foreign planet.  He remarked that the most noticeable change to him was that people don’t communicate with each other anymore.  They rely on technology.  How much more special to hear the small still voice of God in the midst of all of this chaos.  He appeared to have the peace of God in spite of his situation.


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One response to “Warm Fuzzies

  1. Cornerstone is an amazing resources for churches. They have the resources and connections that the majority of pastors dream about. Thank you for ALL YOU DO!!!

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